7 Essential Moving Apps for Millennials

Let’s face it: moving apartments can be stressful and time consuming. There are plenty of?things we forget to do when moving,?and between packing, getting things organized, and staying under budget, moving can really cause some headaches. Luckily, there’s an app (or 7) for that. Check out these millennial-friendly moving apps that will make the whole process so much smoother.


GoShare app
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Moving large items like refrigerators, dressers, and beds can really get costly, so check out this super easy-to-use app and make it your go-to delivery service. Download either the Android or iPhone app and enter your delivery pick-up and drop-off location. Next, you’ll have the option of choosing your truck size; they range from regular pickup trucks to large box trucks. Once you enter in the details of your delivery, you’ll receive an estimate so you can decide if it’s worth booking the delivery. If you decide to use GoShare, you’ll get to track your delivery on the app, and your payment will be processed through it, as well. Best of all, the app has cargo insurance so you can rest assured that your items are in good hands.


Sortly App
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“Feel less overwhelmed” is Sortly’s motto when promoting its product for moving, and it couldn’t be more accurate. With Sortly, you can easily (and at no cost) utilize their moving checklist and update it as you go. As part of the checklist, the app encourages you to take pictures of your things to create an inventory; whether it’s things you need to sell, pack up, or throw out, the interactive inventory list becomes super helpful as your move progresses. Add categories and locations to your inventory (think of it as virtual labeling, but all within the app) and never lose or misplace your items during your move.



Moving solo is one thing, but?moving with a significant other?or a roommate is quite different. When moving alone, you know you’re in charge of everything and have an idea of what you need to do before moving, but when another person is involved, things can get a little complicated. Were you supposed to pick up the shipping boxes and tape or was your partner? Who is in charge of selling the bed frame and dresser? With Wanderlust, you can create and share your to-do lists and moving checklists, and assign tasks to people. Add reminders, comments, and notes to each task and you’ll never argue again about who was in charge of doing what during the move. ?


Thumbtack app

Need some last-minute movers for your move across town? Enter thumbtack. With budget-friendly moving services for moves under 50 miles, you can’t beat the convenience and price of Thumbtack. Need your apartment professionally cleaned before you move out? How about those walls you’ve been meaning to paint before the big move? Thumbtack also connects you to thousands of professional services and individuals for all your moving needs. Just download the app and search for nearby professionals to help you get the job done.


Img: Postmates

Nothing can prepare you for the final days of your move. It’s stressful, tiring, and hectic. With all that’s going on, who has time to cook? Among other things, Postmates makes food delivery a breeze. Need some packing tape along with that Pad Thai? How about a six pack of beer to share with those dedicated friends who are helping you? Order everything on the Postmates app and you’ll enjoy the convenience of their delivery service at lightning speed.


TaskRabbit logo on laptop with dog next to it

Picture this: you’re knee-deep in moving boxes, there’s a bed frame to take apart, a dresser to disassemble, and you’re running out of time. Or, even worse, the friends who promised they’d help move you out of your old apartment have flaked and you’re stuck packing all your belongings in your UHAUL by yourself. Don’t stress! Simply download the TaskRabbit app. From there, you can describe the type of task you need help completing, choose from a list of certified taskers, and start speaking to someone right in the app. You’ll have your tasks completed in no time.


Zumper logo

With over 1 million listings to choose from, the Zumper app offers a rolodex of housing choices. What could make it even better? The app also allows users to create a profile and fill out their information just once (once!) so landlords and property managers have it at their fingertips when they’re ready to consider the user as a potential renter. Add to this the convenience of opting into new listings notifications, an instant apply feature, and the help of a Zumper Select representative who can schedule and coordinate your apartment tours–this app truly offers users a one-of-a-kind experience.

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