10 Ways Renters Can Show Proof of Income to a Landlord

When it comes to the right paperwork, you have some options


Before you pack your boxes and fill your UHAUL truck, there are a few things your new landlord must approve prior to move-in. One of those is your proof of income or, in other words, something that shows you make the amount of money you claim you make. Not sure which documents count for this? Here are 10 different ways you can show a future landlord proof of income. 

1. Pay Stubs

If you still receive pay stubs the old fashioned way, make copies and submit them to your potential landlord. If you’ve gone green and receive direct deposits from your employer, contact your Human Resources department and ask where you can obtain pay stubs. They may be stored in a management system like ADP or Workday, in which case you can easily print them out from there.

2. Worker’s Compensation

If you’ve been injured on the job and are receiving worker’s comp, you can still show proof of income. Simply submit to your future landlord a letter issued by either your insurance company or the court that proves you’ve been awarded compensation that can act as a consistent income.

3. Federal Tax Return?


Your IRS 1040 is a great way to show proof of income. It provides a comprehensive view of all your income earned within a year, so for those with multiple jobs or jobs that started or stopped within a tax year, this one’s for you.?

4. W-2 Income Statement

Every year you do your taxes, you receive a W-2 income statement from your employer. If you use an online, self-serve tax system, your W-2 should be stored in there. Log in, open the document, and print or send an electronic version of it to your future landlord.?

5. 1099 – Miscellaneous Income Statement

For the self-employed folks, this is your easiest option. The 1099 tax form shows your future landlord that, while you don’t have a traditional employer, you’re a responsible, self-employed adult who does have an income.?

6. Social Security Statement

If you’re receiving social security benefits and aren’t currently working, your statements should suffice as proof of income. Download your social security statement here.?

7. Proof of Income Letter

A letter from your employer confirming your salary and employment is a great way to show proof of income. If you are in a rush, use a proof of income letter template. Fill in your own information and ask your employer to sign off. It’s easier for your employer to sign off on something that’s already completed than to type it up themselves, so you can probably submit the letter to your landlord on the same day.

8. Severance Statement

Although it’s an unfortunate situation, even if you’ve been laid off, you can still prove your “income” through your severance package statement. Make it clear to your potential landlord that you’ll be seeking a new job and will be able to make monthly rent payments even when your severance has run out; guaranteeing on-time and consistent payments is the first step to ensure a landlord chooses you.?

9. Court Ordered Agreement?

Receiving alimony, spousal support, or another form of payment via a court order? The paperwork for this will prove your income.?

10. Unemployment Statements

Unemployment benefits can prove your monthly income. Contact your state’s government agency and request an award letter. The letter will prove your monthly allotment so your future landlord will know you have money coming in.?

Giving your landlord peace of mind is important to building a strong landlord-tenant relationship. Proving your income is a great start, and these ways will help you verify your income to them without question.?

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